Hospitality industry tips from a mystery guest

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Dealing with criticism – how to handle a bad review

What to do when someone has published a bad review of your restaurant, spa, hotel or lodge? Read our ideas here!

How to train your dragon  waiter

Some thoughts from Guestwho Mystery Diner Services on well-trained waiters, taking notes and being knowledgeable on the menu, ingredients in dishes and wine options in our post here.

What’s in a name (tag) or uniform?

Our mystery guest views on why uniforms and name tags are important for creating a good impression with guests and building up your team.

Surprises are great – just not on the bill

A fantastic experience can easily be ruined by unexpected expenses on the account at check-out. Our recent post here.

Not-so-secret ideas on shopping

Simple ideas to improve your customer’s experience at your store, from our secret shoppers in our post.

Rude receptionists – how not to make a good impression

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“Conditioning Shampoo” and other hotel horrors 

Read our mystery guests’ views on hotel amenities and why you should reconsider providing “conditioning shampoo”.

Vegan, gluten-free and banting requests – is your restaurant prepared?

With so many dietary restrictions around today, it is no wonder restaurants find it confusing to cater for them all, but Guestwho has some simple suggestions to make your restaurant more [insert name of dietary request here]-friendly. Read more over here.

Child-friendly (yet classy) restaurants?

Our recent post includes some ideas from our mystery guests to increase your restaurant’s kid-appeal whilst still maintaining its elegance.

Luxury Game Lodges – game drive ideas

Our mystery guests suggest some ideas for game drives that could help distinguish your luxury game lodge in this helpful post.

How relaxing is your Spa?

Our latest post discusses spa themes and some mystery guest tips for creating a calming ambience.

The Princess and the Pillow

One of Guestwho’s mystery guests talks about pillow options (and how serious they are) over here.

Free Wifi – almost a human right

Guestwho Mystery Guest Services discusses the importance of free wifi here.

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