How to stand out in the hospitality industry – tips from a mystery guest

It’s all about making a great first impression

Although your front of house, reception and concierge are all important in creating a good impression for your guests, the overall guest experience begins far earlier, at the booking stage.

Websites in the hospitality industry

These days, bookings are frequently done online. Have you test-run your establishment’s website and booking process? Consider the following –

  • is your website user-friendly?
  • is your website aesthetically pleasing?
  • does your website convey the atmosphere of your establishment?
  • is it easy to determine accommodation availability?
  • are your contact telephone numbers clearly displayed on your website?
  • do your booking forms work?
  • is the email address to which online queries are sent monitored regularly and are queries responded to quickly?

Telephone bookings

If a potential guest has picked up the phone to make an enquiry, you already have a captive audience for a sales pitch and half the hard work has been done already for you! Now it is just up to your switchboard operator and/or receptionist to finalise and secure the booking.   It’s almost too easy to make a good impression over the phone –

  • ensure the phone is answered promptly;
  • state the name of the hotel/restaurant/spa;
  • state your name;
  • be friendly, but professional;
  • upsell (eg suggest a room upgrade);
  • when making an hotel booking, suggest a booking at the hotel’s restaurant;
  • confirm the client’s personal details and contact details;
  • confirm the booking details;
  • send confirmatory emails / text messages.

These suggestions may seem very straightforward and obvious, but they are often neglected by hospitality industry staff.

Do you have any other easy tips for making a good first impression in the hospitality industry?

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