Luxury lodges – a few game drive ideas

Tips from a mystery guest for distinguishing your luxury all-inclusive game lodge

A quick Google search for a luxury all-inclusive game lodge in South Africa will produce  hundreds of fine results and, with just about every second cattle farm converting to a game farm, competition is tougher than ever before!

So how do you distinguish your luxury all-inclusive game lodge from the hundreds of others offering exactly the same thing?

As mystery guests, we are trained to notice the small details, the areas where lodges go the extra mile (or don’t!) and we provide comprehensive reviews for our clients so that they can understand how to improve their business and increase the rate at which (their) clients return.

Here are a few tips in relation to game drives that Guestwho’s mystery guests have identified based on our reviews of some of the very best of luxury game lodges that South Africa has to offer –

  • ensure your guides are well-qualified and knowledgeable (and able to add value on game drives and guided walks);
  • even if animals are scarce, guides can impress guests by identifying animals tracks (“spoor”) in the sand;
  • provide blankets and hot water bottles (if it is really cold) on game drives;
  • provide spot lights or large torches to guests for use during the game drives;
  • include a stop for some tea, coffee or hot chocolate on morning drives and drinks on evening drives;
  • set up a small table with a table cloth when stopping on drives;
  • provide complimentary rusks in the morning and nuts or chips in the evening;
  • provide serviettes, napkins and/or wet wipes to guests;
  • if drinks are not included in your “all-inclusive” pricing structure, then ensure the guide takes notes of what guests have to drink – don’t expect your guests to provide you with this info after the drive;
  • arrange that there is someone waiting with hot refresher towels as you return to the lodge (and make sure they are actually warm!)
  • have espressos ready and waiting for guests when they return from a morning game drive; and
  • perhaps offer small glasses of sherry (or warm apple juice with ginger) to guests in the evening when they return from the game drive.

These are just a few ideas and tips from Guestwho, can you think of any other tips or ideas for game drives?

Mystery Guest tips luxury game lodges

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