“Conditioning Shampoo” and other hotel horrors

Dear hotels

The 80’s called – they want their 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner back!

Rightly or wrongly your guests will judge you based on the “hotel amenities” you provide –  you know, those tiny bottles of happiness in your hotel rooms.

We’re not saying you need to offer L’occitane or Crabtree and Evelyn‘s range of hotel products (although, oh my goodness we would LOVE it if you did!) but spare some thought for the association of your hotel and its brand with the amenities you are making available for your guests.

Yes, we’re sure it gets expensive and guests nick them all the time (What? We’re not supposed to take them home?!) but a great little bottle of body lotion is a simple yet effective reminder of the wonderful weekend spent at your luxurious hotel!

Not only is the quality of the product important, but the type of product is too!  These are the absolute basics

  • conditioning shampoo is enough to make any gal cringe (shampoo and conditioner are two separate products – keep it that way!);
  • shower gel;
  • bubble bath / bath salts;
  • soap bars (at least one for the hand basin and one for the bath/shower);
  • body lotion;
  • emery boards, cotton buds (Q-tips) and cotton pads;
  • shoe mitt;
  • shower cap; and
  • sewing kit.

Here are some other ideas that would just delight us –

  • mini-facial cleanser;
  • hand cream;
  • body scrub;
  • pillow spray;
  • shave balm;
  • refreshing wipes;
  • mouth wash;
  • lip balm;
  • comb;
  • mini luffa;
  • mini pumice stone.

Think of your in-room amenities as an on-going marketing campaign for your hotel and your brand and remember, our mystery guests are not the only ones judging you, your guests are judging you too – impress them with great mini products!

Mystery Guest hotel amenities