Does your spa have a relaxing theme?

One of our favourite things to do as mystery guests is to visit and review spas.

On a recent assignment at a spa in Sandton, Guestwho was once again reminded of the importance of choosing a theme and ensuring that the theme induces relaxation.


Mystery guest spa review

Calming colours

Blues and greens are considered to have a more calming effect than bright red, orange and black. Of course there is always an opportunity to incorporate bolder colours in your spa colour scheme and many spas have achieved this with ease (or at least what appears to be ease), but the more traditional cooler colours are always a safer bet.

Consistent theme

An island theme does not work well with a vintage theme, similarly an African theme does not work well with minimalism.  Whatever your theme is, ensure it is consistent throughout.  Any disruption of the theme can have a significant influence on the overall impression created by your spa and the ultimate client experience.  Pick one theme and stick with it!

Soft music

So much of what Guestwho includes in our reviews and write-ups seems ridiculously obvious, but it is often in the easy-to-fix areas where spas lose points.  Soft background music is an absolute must for any spa – and not just in your lounge and reception area, but also in the individual treatment rooms. Music can really set the tone for a treatment and encourage relaxation.


Soft, gentle lighting is another spa essential – preferably adjustable.  Again, this is an area where spa’s can greatly increase the ambience created.  Candles work exceptionally well at mood creation and can double as room fragrance.

Temperature control

Guestwho has also experienced the effects of centrally-controlled aircon.  Although, more cost effective, no-one enjoys a massage if they are freezing and similarly, you would not want to be sitting in a sauna whilst having your nails done.  Where possible, air-conditioning should be capable of adjustment within each treatment room, failing which small heaters and fans should be available in each room.  Electric blankets can only go so far.

Do you have any other tips or suggestions for improving the ambience of a spa?