What’s in a name (tag) or a uniform?

As you may have realized by now, we at Guestwho Mystery Guest Services, are all about making a great first impression, and what better way to do that than to ensure your staff members are neatly presented and well-dressed?

Do uniforms make a difference?

  • they instantly create a team and unite staff (even if it is over their loathing of the uniform);
  • uniforms ensure all staff look similar and are easily identifiable by your guests / patrons;
  • they can immediately make an impression on guests (clean, neat uniforms translate in the minds of guests to clean, neat rooms and facilities);
  • regardless of your employees’ personal circumstances, providing them with uniforms means they do not need to worry about how to dress or be concerned about additional financial implications of “dressing the part”;
  • uniforms can further establish your brand – through colour, style and use of your logo.

What’s in a name?

Often going hand-in-hand with uniforms are personalized employee name tags (as opposed to name tags that simply reflect the individuals job position or title such as “manager”).

Are name tags important? Absolutely! They allow patrons to identify your staff members and create a more personal atmosphere.  They also allow guests to know the name of the individual who assisted them when complimenting (or complaining!) about your business. Name tags establish a bond between your guests and staff and should be worn at all times.

Do it properly or not at all

Uniforms and name tags are both great tools that can be used to further the image and professionalism of your establishment, however, if not well-maintained or well-implementing, they can have quite the opposite effect.  Often restaurants and hotels try to save costs by asking employees to wear all black or black and white.  While this can work for smaller establishments, you lose control over the style of dress worn, the quality of the clothing and the overall picture of unity, neatness and cleanliness. So, if you do require your staff members to wear uniforms and name tags, do it properly or not at all!

Uniforms - she isn't wearing one!

Uniforms – she isn’t wearing one!

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