The princess and the pillow

“Hey, people who travel with their bed pillow. You look insane. ” – Jim Gaffigan

Hotel audit

One of Guestwho’s mystery guests, fills us in on a recent pillow experience –

“I’m a memory foam addict. I should say that right upfront.  I have a travel-size memory foam pillow, but sometimes I cannot take it with me. If no memory foam is available, I will settle for the equivalent of a white-painted rock (soft pillows are not my friends). 

The secret handshake

Many of the luxury hotels have in recent years acquired a secret stash of memory foam pillows that are available to guests if you know the password or special handshake. At least, that it what I experienced recently at one of South Africa’s most prestigious hotels…

The first call 

It’s almost time to turn out the light and I determine that the pillows are made of the breaths of unborn children – they are so soft, they almost disappear when you lie on them! So, I call reception and enquire as to whether the hotel has memory foam pillows available. After some discussion as to what a memory foam pillow is, I am advised that housekeeping will be around shortly. With a knock on the door, I am greeted by a friendly gentleman who proudly presents me with three alternative pillow slips of my choosing. No pillow. No memory foam.  I explain that I do not need pillow slips, but rather actual pillows. Said housekeeping gentleman vows to return (which he does not).

Pillow perseverance

Cue second call to reception. Again I explain my desire for a memory foam pillow, but stress the need for a firmer pillow.  A few minutes later and I receive some pillow options. No memory foam, but at least a pillow with some guts.

 A pillow by any other name

As it turns out, my colleague informed me the following morning that they requested (and received!) a memory foam pillow, which they referred to as a “contour” pillow. Note to self to run through all possible alternatives of “memory foam” names when calling reception in future.”

If you offer memory foam pillows, do let your guests know about it. Include it in your hotel guide, or even a little note on the pillows in the room – or at least give them a clue as to the password or secret handshake required!

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