Guestwho charges a flat fee from as little as R500 for a restaurant and R1500 to evaluate and review accommodation. This fee is inclusive of the detailed report that Guestwho will prepare for you.

All expenses (including travel) are charged to the Guestwho mystery guest’s account and will be reimbursed by you upon receipt of the relevant invoices. This is absolutely necessary in order to ensure anonymity and to provide a comprehensive review of all aspects of client interaction (including the booking and payment processes).

The scope of Guestwho’s engagement will be discussed up front (for example whether you would like Guestwho to book a luxury or a standard room) so we guarantee that there will not be any nasty surprises at the end!

Guestwho offers group discounts to hotel chains, so please contact us should you like us to evaluate more than one hotel within your group.

Guestwho also offers a discount should you wish us to revisit your establishment again in the future for a follow-up assessment.

Mystery hotel audit